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From Conflict to Connection


Do you crave an extraordinary relationship? From Conflict to Connection invites intimate partners to step into authentic relating to experience the relationship you have always desired. It challenges couples to take on new paradigms beyond what most of us have been taught – up leveling their relational intelligence in the process. It is only through rising above the common consciousness that extraordinary relationships can be born.

Modern day romantic ambitions are high. We want it all – a lifetime lover, friend and intimate partner -however, most of us have never been taught how to create this. As a result, we’re often left to cope with the debris of failed relationships, disappointment and heartbreak.

The good news is that most relationships can actually be truly thriving ones with the RIGHT information. This book is a vital guide to the key attitudes and behaviours that can lift you out of the endless cycle of conflict and struggle. From Conflict to Connection reveals unconscious patterns and unhealthy habits that may be eating away at your intimate connection and causing unnecessary conflict and pain.

The roadmap to healthy passionate relationships is bpaved with habits of conscious relating – and it’s here that you will learn the optimal mindsets and skills that will lead you to the intimate partnership you desire and deserve.

Whether you’re just beginning your relationship or would like to rescue one going awry, From Conflict to Connection can open doorways to yourself and your partner that deepen and strengthen your relationship in ways you never thought possible!


Discover the step-by-step roadmap to understanding, repairing, and building the relationship of your dreams.

  • Optimal Mindsets for relationship success
  • Understand the key stages of relationship
  • Why conflict happens and how to repair it
  • Understand your partner’s key needs and desires to restore love between you
  • Key communication styles to have you feel heard and seen
  • How to establish and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Rituals of connection to sustain and deepen your partnership
  • Healthy relationship hygiene to nourish your relationship
  • Understand how desire works and renew your passion